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By combining cutting-edge science with bleeding-edge technological innovations BESTCBDOIL is able to provide the absolute best CBD Oil on the market today!

Our founders stand by the philosophy that by utilizing nature’s own amazing healing remedies we can provide the best product for the health and well-being of our customers without introducing man-made pharmaceuticals!

Whether your suffering from chronic pain and inflammation or need something to relax your anxiety and focus your attention, taking BestCBDOil’s daily you’ll notice drastically improved health and overall improved general well-being!







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bestcbdoil.io was effectively seeded, watered and grown when Veronica, an once ultra-successful pharmaceutical sales leader who turned into a renowned digital marketing guru and Allan, a young but uber-successful hustling upstart in the CBD industry ‘among many other things’, had a future changing fortuitus encounter.

Veronica who ultimately rejected the pharma industry as it conflicted with her devout belief in the benefits of green plant-based medicinal products were counter to the ‘pushing of products made in a lab by people in white coats culture of pharma’. Veronica reinvented herself and became internationally recognized and respected as one of the globes preeminent digital marketing authorities. In addition to co-founding bestcbdoil.io, she is the CEO & founder of multiple digital marketing & SEO ventures as well as a sought-after social media marketing business advisor & trainer.

On the surface it would seem to many that this unmatched pair would be like oil & water, they would not mix well with each other. But once they dug below the first impressions, below the surface, Veronica and Allan found that despite their very, very, disparate backgrounds they unexpectedly shared numerous goals and values. That was great news for this project!

During their earliest conversations, they learned that both were values driven entrepreneurs who yes, were on a mission be prosperous, but who were also driven to give back, to contribute to the betterment of the planet.

With both having two children who were each under the age of nine they found that they also shared a deep desire to keep the planet green and healthy. They each wanted to help others improve the quality of their lives though green, plant-based consumption.

They shared a passion for natural, plant based nutritional & medicinal products and somewhat of a distain for what has been the incredible proliferation of pharmaceutical drug usage. Thus, an unlikely partnership was formed and bestcbdoil.io was born.

They split partnership responsibilities based on each of their diverse but powerful skillsets.

Allan’s deep understand of CBD and his established relationships with many industry leaders made him the natural fit to take control of all things product. His span of control crosses the entire CBD supply chain from the selection of the highest quality and most proven seed producers and plant growers in the industry all the way to product development. Allan understands the needs and wants of our customers and provides them with the best selection and highest quality products in the industry.

Veronica’s mastery of all things to do with digital marketing and website creation propels our mission of “provide all those in need with trustworthy, affordable and effective CBD oils”. Her ability to drive a continuous flow of traffic, those who are searching for the highest quality CBD oils, to our website certainly benefits our business but more importantly ensures that those in need can get the safest, highest quality products on the market anywhere.

It’s easy to see why The CBD Guide named Allan & Veronica as the “a CBD powerhouse team you can trust”

At bestcbdoil.io Allan ensures that we select supply chain partners with the highest quality standards in the industry and it shows in the consistent & dependable superior CBD oil that we produce.

While you explore the available CBD hemp oil products, keep in mind that in fact not all CBD oils are the same. The quality between CBD products varies dramatically between different manufacturers and brands as CBD is classified as a natural product, thus, rigorous testing practices are not yet required by regulators. As the market continues to expand and more & more products hit the market to take advantage of demand, it is now even more important than ever that you find a trusted source for your high-quality CBD oil needs.

bestcbdoil.io is your trusted ‘One-Stop’ destination for high-quality CBD products. No matter your need; energy, sleep or wellness, person or pet, oil or lotion. We’ve got you covered!

And please know; At bestcbdoil.io we care about your health and wellness and your family and friends health and wellness. We do all we can each and every day to help you be your best!


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