How to Use CBD Oil for Pain


CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is an effective pain reliever every patient must look out for. The chemical is present in a particular type of oil that has come to be known as CBD oil. CBD occurs naturally in cannabis and can beneficial for medicinal purposes. Apart from making you ‘high,’ marijuana also serves to relieve chronic pain. A person who consumes cannabis through smoking or ingestion may not experience this health benefit. Hemp oil for pain is mainly used to relieve pain, discomfort, and inflammation. But how to use cbd oil for pain may still be a mystery for some? Read on to know.


The law about CBD Oil


The researchers’ experimental results are the ones used by lawmakers to determine the effectiveness of a drug. People have been using CBD oils to relieve different kinds of pain for a long time. The results of medical studies on this subject have been promising. Since the product is not regulated for purity and dosage, it may prove difficult to trust its effectiveness and obtain quality products. However, you can trust us to show you how to use cbd oil for pain.


How CBD Oil Relieves Chronic Pain?


CBD binds with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to create an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect. ECS receptors found in the immune system and brain is somehow attached to every single cell in the body. These tiny receptors proteins and receive chemical signals which help the cells respond to pain. The response helps the cells manage the pain. When someone with back pain, for example, and applies hemp oil for pain, their pain is relieved until it dissipates.


how to use cbd oil for pain What Do The Medical Studies Say?


Over 43 years of Medical Studies data on how to use cbd oil for pain are available to date (from 1975 to 2018). Researchers have since found that CBD relieves the following kinds of pain:


  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer pain
  • Neuropathic pain




Migraine Pain Relief


Although the results have not been conclusive, CBD Oil for migraine pain relief has shown positive results among patients using it. For the chemical to work efficiently, it is usually best in combo with THC. Mixing the two compounds will reduce the intensity of migraine pain significantly. In a 2017 study, some participants were given CBD combined with THC and others given CBD alone. Patients who took the combination felt well compared to the ones who took it alone. Researchers believe that products with CBD along with THC are better pain relievers than those without. CBD Oil will help you get rid of acute and intense migraine pain after just weeks of using the best quality product.


Arthritis Pain Relief hemp oil for pain


Recent studies conducted on rats showed that CBD is an excellent pain reliever for a person suffering from arthritis. The 2016 study using rats further explains how to use cbd oil for pain in the study that when the compound is taken in standard dosage, it eliminates the pain almost instantly. Rats that were given as little as 6.2g of CBD a day showed signs of reduced pain and swelling. An important observation was also made during the experiment. The researchers found that taking too much of the drug made no difference. Rats that were given 64.2g cbd dosage showed the same results as that given 6.2g. The conclusion was that products with small amounts of the drug, such as CBD Oil or hemp oil, will still have the desired pain-relieving effect. A little cbd dosage of 6.2g a day is also useful to humans to relieve arthritis pain as well as other kinds of pain.


Cancer Pain Relief 


People suffering from different types of cancer are using the drug to relieve the pain associated with the ailment. Similar research was conducted on mice to show how to use cbd oil for pain. The results are also promising concerning cancer pain relief. The cancer pain is usually a result of swelling and inflammation of the cancer tumor. The swelling and inflammation affect neighboring cells and may spread to the entire body. Best cbd oil works by making the tumor shrink and thus reduce the pressure on neighboring cells and tissues. Using CBD Oil saves the cancer patient from adverse side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The dreaded side effects include vomiting, hair loss, chronic pain, and lack of appetite.


best cbd oil What happens if I use CBD Oil with Opioids?


When used with opioids, CBD Oil has better chances of reducing cancer pain compared to when it is used alone. Although investigations are still undergoing, there is a promising future for CBD Oil as an alternative cancer pain reliever.


Common Side Effects 


Like any other drug, including subscriptions, the use of CBD products such as CBD oil may have mild effects on the user. However, these side effects are usually mild and manageable. You may experience any of the following:


  • Change in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Periods of fatigue
  • Loss or gain of weight

The above side effects may only appear during the early stages of using CBD Oil.


Will The Side Effects Go Away?


Your body will get used to it as you continue using the product. People with sensitivity to certain chemicals may also experience irritation. You don’t have to use it regularly if it is affecting your skin. Pause the usage a bit or reduce the frequency of applying it. You should be careful when using CBD Oil alongside other substances. It may cause you some discomfort when it reacts with dietary supplements, prescription drugs, or some OTC drugs. Don’t start using it if you are already taking the above-mentioned drugs, as it may lead to liver toxicity.


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