Does CBD Make You Last Longer?


Are you experiencing problems in the bedroom? Do you have problems with your erections? Or do you suffer from premature ejaculation? Would you like to know if CBD can help you? Or do you want to learn how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction, or does CBD make you last longer? Read on as we attempt to go through the world of CBD – and how it may affect your sex life.


** Please note that CBD and Hemp are use interchangeably in this article


Does CBD Make You Last Longer?

Unfortunately, the exact process that CBD may assist erectile dysfunction is not completely explained.

The predicament is that medical specialists have not yet thoroughly examined the consequences of CBD on your wonder organ – the penis.

So, does CBD make you last longer?

It may support relaxing the blood vessels and boosting blood flow which can help erectile dysfunction and promote longer-lasting sex.

Yup, you got it.


But, according to current research, CBD seems to help the body sustain hormone levels.

As the ECS works to maintain the body’s homeostasis or the balance amongst various organs and systems, the advantages of CBD may serve multi-faceted wellness, which may include an improvement in sex drive and longer-lasting sex.

Current research also says that CBD extracts also contribute to heightened sensations and better orgasms.


Does CBD Oil Increase Testosterone?


does cbd make you last longer



There are different results in research regarding this. One study found that hemp decreased testosterone production by inhibiting the enzyme 17α‐hydroxylase, which is related to producing testosterone.

However, another suggests that hemp also hinders particular liver enzymes which break testosterone down.


So meaning, decreasing the breakdown of testosterone may balance decreases in synthesis.

But that’s not entirely established yet.

More studies are needed to confirm if does CBD oil increase testosterone.


Potential Side Effects

The probable side effects of hemp depends on how you are using it.

Drug interactions may also be possible.

Some individuals may have an allergic response to CBD or the ingredients used to create the product, such as fragrances or oils.

Some report fatigue, an upset stomach, and loss of appetite following CBD.

But, according to studies, symptoms are usually mild, and most just even fade after a while.


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CBD and Viagra interaction 

Does CBD affect Viagra?

With regards to CBD and Viagra together, according to studies, there are side effects if one uses Viagra but no known side effects to hemp when used in properly dosed proportions.

Perhaps it is just making them relaxed and feel better.

Thus, making it easier for them to enjoy sex.

Nevertheless, whatever may be the reason, studies are showing that hemp can be seen as a good alternative.



How to Use CBD Oil


cbd oil benefits chart


So now we know all of that, how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction?

There are different routes on how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction.

Customers can find hemp extracts and CBD for erectile dysfunction in a wide variety of products today.

Its most basic forms are capsules, gummies, oils, tincture, and topicals.

Concentrations vary, but when used directly as a topical (maybe as a lotion, cream, or salve), sexual arousal may enhance, making more intense orgasms.


Customers can apply hemp to lessen soreness and post-coital pain.

So, can you use CBD oil as lube? Well… yes and no.

Research showed that certain subjects described hemp as moderate to very effective in relieving discomfort following sexual intercourse.


There are various ways on how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction.

You may ingest hemp products before sex to promote more satisfying sex, use a hemp massage oil as foreplay, apply hemp lubricants to lessen dryness and heighten pleasure or employ hemp oil before sex to reduce anxiety and boost sensation.

Not scarcely does hemp oil help sexually as an anti-anxiety supplement, but many can use it to enhance sensations considerably.


Again, can you use CBD oil as lube?

Partners can choose to use hemp products to lessen the pain with sex (especially as a lubricant) and use it to lighten soreness after sexual intercourse.

But, if you are thinking of having a baby with your spouse, consider the risks of using hemp products and speak with your medical doctor.


Where to Buy CBD Oil which is best cbd oil or capsules

Well, does CBD make you last longer?

Find out by purchasing your own CBD oil.

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So, does CBD make you last longer?

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Final Thoughts

So, does CBD make you last longer?

We need more research to state for certain that hemp is safe and efficient for sexual intercourse.

Currently, there’s more talk than studies on how exceptional the products manage to work.

But because hemp products presently do not have any known side effects, they may be worth trying if you are considering options to enhance your sex life.



It is reasonable to speak with your medical physician before using hemp for sexual purposes or with other uses for the matter.

Remember, hemp is not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any medical disease.

They are used as supplements, not medication.


Testimonials: CBD for erectile dysfunction

“To state that CBD saved my sex life, would be an understatement!” –

  • W. L.


“I had erectile disfunction. I had it for years now and the suggestion from my doctor was Viagra, which just was not doing it for me. I wanted my masculinity back! I found hemp on the internet and tried it. That was the best decision I ever made.”

  • M. T.


“My first try was surprising; it was great. It was such a pleasant experience. It’s better than any other practice. Now, sex is very enjoyable again – my anxiety is gone, and my youth and vigor are back. CBD resolved my issues quickly.”

  • W. P.


“I felt like I was young again. I was having trouble with erections and Viagra worked badly on me. I would get an erection, but the erection would not last very long. I was hesitant to go to a doctor and deal with this. As soon as I started using hemp, all problems went away. Hemp has been amazing for me.”

  • N. T.


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